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Product Market Research

Product market research is the most crucial step before entering any business, in any new market, or before launching any new product in the online marketplace. Gain knowledge about how demanding the products are in the marketplace, what is the competition, what would be the lowest and highest price, it is all necessary and required to study before setting up any business.

Planning of Market Research

Effective market research starts with knowing what you are attempting to achieve and what information you want to have. The information which includes the insight of your product which you are planning to sell like who are your competitors, what is the level of competition, what your customer wants and what problems they are facing. Understand, you cant bring out a solution if there are no problems. By identifying all of the problem points. You can sophisticatedly select the solution through your product and can develop an ultimate selling strategy which no one can break.

What we can provide to you?

Maybe you don't realize now but after being in this business of e-commerce for more than 2 decades, we have understood how difficult it is to start any business from the initial level. Doing market research, then product researches, then finding out the best product in the market that too in the competitive prices, after than listing the product on the e-commerce platforms, then building your brand, working on sales, evaluating your finances, taking care of inventory,managing your returns,dealing with customer complaints and inquiry are just a few of the responsibilities you have to manage. When we started there was no one to help us with all this, but today you have us. At Ketsaal we assign a special team to each of our online sellers who takes care of all these responsibilities and our sellers only have to sit back and wait for their profits in their bank accounts.


Ketsaal team took a really effective approach in my online business. They thoroughly analyzed my seller accounts and prepared a "custom plan of action" after gathering the results on my previous data. They understood our customers and know exactly how to attract similar perspectives. I highly recommend working with Ketsaal if you seriously want to grow your business online.                                                                                                                  



We were amazed to witness sudden growth in access rates and sales. Amazon Product Listings helped us efficiently to market our products on the globally based e-commerce store-Amazon! We are thankful to the highly dedicated and friendly team that has taken a great part in helping us to achieve success.                                                                                                                                          



For a long time, I was listing my products in the wrong category and due to that, I was giving away a big amount of fees to e-commerce portals. A colleague suggested me of Ketsaal, and believe me after visiting them, I have seen an enormous change in my online business. My profits and organic ranking have increased just in 3 months. They offer these tremendous services at such an affordable price that it won't harm you in any way. Thanks to Ketsaal and its team.