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Product Development

Although product development is creative and productive but it also requires a systematic approach to guide the process that is required to bring a new product to the e-commerce marketplaces. At Ketsaal we have a framework that helps to structure the actual development of the product. The five elements of our product development services are Identification of Design Criteria- brainstorming of all possible new products. Idea Analysis- A closer evaluation of the product concept and market. Market Analysis- where the demand for product is high Prototyping- create a relevant and valuable product. Product Development- ensure the product is viable and can make profits.

New products will be:

Our e-commerce expert team generate ideas, screen it, test it and then make an appropriate selling strategy for it. Study the whole market, take care of technical designing, marketing and advertising and in the end we present a product which will not only generate profits but make you stand out on the e-commerce platform like never before.


We sell complex technical products and we had targeted Amazon expecting high sales! Without product listing services this was impossible, so in reference to our consultant, we outsourced Amazon Product Listings by amazon service provider to enrich our product page on Amazon.                                                                                                                  



Friendly approach and amazing technical support of Amazon Product Listings has almost doubled our sale on Amazon! Achieving success beyond expectations.                                                                                                                                          



We were amazed to witness sudden growth in access rates and sales. Amazon Product Listings helped us efficiently to market our products on the globally based e-commerce store-Amazon! We are thankful to the highly dedicated and friendly team that has taken a great part in helping us to achieve success.