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Listing & Cataloguing

In order to display the products that you are willing to sell online, a product listing is absolutely necessary across any online marketplace. It’s a one-time process of creating a webpage that displays the product line on the website. It’s the webpage from where the customer will review your product and will make the buying decision based on information provided on that particular web page. You get it all, here, at Ketsaal.

Why Listing & Cataloguing

The time has gone when people purchased a product for the sake of it’s usage. Nowadays people sees the tiny details of everything, especially when they are buying online. As in the case of online shopping, the customer cannot touch & feel the products, so the customer solely relies on the product listing, which includes images of the product, description, guidelines, and other credential information.

Importance of Listing & Cataloguing

Unlike offline shopping, the buyer cannot touch and try the product here. Listing & Cataloguing plays the most crucial role in the case of online shopping, it gives the customer an insight about the product. The physical appearance of the product, the MRP, Selling Price, Proper detailed and valid description of the products. It is extremely essential to make the catalog highly attractive as it acts as the face of our shop or product to the customer and makes the buying decision. It also includes Catalogue Score, Enhanced Brand Content that features in making the catalog highly attractive and in boosting the sales.



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After a great struggle finally, there is a company that can take care of the product listing. It used to be a difficult task for me to list my products as I am a working woman and I don't get time to fill out all the required details and update it timely. But now I am relieved that Ketsaal is taking care of my problem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



For a long time, I was listing my products in the wrong category and due to that, I was giving away a big amount of fees to e-commerce portals. A colleague suggested me of Ketsaal, and believe me after visiting them, I have seen an enormous change in my online business. My profits and organic ranking have increased just in 3 months. They offer these tremendous services at such an affordable price that it won't harm you in any way. Thanks to Ketsaal and its team.