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Guaranteed Sales Agreement

We at Ketsaal understand the importance of time and words. In this dynamic era of online selling, there are millions of seller account are there on e-commerce website with, only one goal in mind and that it too generates profit and earn money out of it. Generating sales is the backbone idea of every online seller but with the growth in the e-commerce business, the competition is also rising. So now what a seller should do?

The seller should come to us because at Ketsaal we have the team of experts who dedicatedly helped dozens of clients in generating profits and building their brands (in the span of 3 months). Our team of experts analyzes your seller account, then make precise strategies tailor-made to suit your business, industry, and needs and then present the guaranteed result on the table. After doing a thorough study of our client's seller account we present them the custom made solution along the time period (max of 3 months) and give the assurance via legal Guaranteed Sales Agreement, either to provide guaranteed sales on Amazon and Flipkart or to give 100% money back to them. Guaranteed Sales Agreement is a legal procedure that binds us and our sellers in a promise of lifetime trust and development. An agreement guarantees a result in the e-commerce business and provides all sought of benefits solely to our seller, and if our experts failed to provide the promised result, the seller can claim the whole money back from us.

So what are you waiting for? Give us an opportunity to serve you.