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Why Reviews and Feedbacks are Important for New Ecommerce Sellers?

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Tell me one thing, you must have bought a thing or two in your life from amazon or from Flipkart. What is the first thing you do? You, search for the product, then a list of products appears in front of you and you click on the product which has the most reviews and stars right? Have you ever thought of buying something from a new seller? By the way, you tell me one thing how come you know which seller is new and which is old? Do you know a secret? Most of the Amazon and Flipkart sellers are taking the help of sellers support to do that.

We all tend to believe if the seller is having good reviews and stars then that seller must be a trustworthy seller on whom we can trust. Obviously, people have bought the products from him, liked it and that’s why they reviewed him so nicely. But the fact is the continuous growth of these sellers is been managed by either amazon seller support or Flipkart seller support.

Ketsaal is the one who is in this industry for more than a decade and supported numerous online sellers with online selling accounts. Now here you come in the picture, just imagine how difficult it will be for you to compete with the sellers like those that too all alone?

According to a survey, only one out of every 30 buyers leave reviews on Amazon, so we can imagine the level of products you need to send to get those heavenly 300 reviews. Now you must have got a little idea why reviews are important. Let’s dig in deep and let me tell you about a few more reasons, why reviews on Amazon and Flipkart are so important.

Reviews bring you the business.
As I stated above, reviews build up the trust factor on the seller, and we all know trust attracts the business. Amazon customer reviews and Flipkart reviews encourage customers to buy products from reliable sellers by often showing your product listing on the top.

Product reviews increase your ranking
These companies’ algorithms are designed in such a way that if the product is getting really good reviews and positive feedback, they consider your product important and rank your product higher than competitors.

The product reviews work as a free marketing tool
Do you have any idea how much an online seller needs to spend on advertising to place their product in a higher position? But product reviews give you the power of free marketing, your products will automatically be placed on the above position organically and likely to influence the purchasing decision of buyers, and you can double the profits by hiring a professional seller support agency.

Reviews provide additional information on usage.
Not every information can be provided in the information section. With reviews people share their real-life experiences and difficulties, how beneficial that product was, what problems they have faced, how the product performed, was it worth buying or not the genuine in-sight which is advantageous for fellow customers. Now you know selling products online is not a walk on the walk.

Reviews should not always be positive.
No matter how wonderful your product is, its nearly impossible to always get positive reviews on your product. If you are only receiving positive reviews and not criticized ones their algorithms might see them as sponsored reviews. A few negative reviews help you identify the weaknesses of your product and lead you towards improvisation and fixing the problems.

Final words.
Never ever let yourself down if you are getting criticized by those valuable customers, always take the criticism in a positive way and work on it. Thousand of sellers leave online selling in 3- 4 months because of several reasons,  among them the major one is, they don’t generate the profits according to their expectations. I just say, investing should be more like watching grass grow or watching paint dry, you will see the results not according to your wish but with the time. But again, there are some steroids to grow the grass rapidly and fan to dry the paint swiftly, we can be your that steroid and a fan too, to grow your business with the promise of guaranteed sales. Ketsaal specializes in Amazon seller support and Flipkart seller support 

Please share your views and if any concerns in the comment section down below.

Till then good luck to all the future millionaires and billionaires.

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