Reasons Why Selling on Amazon is the Best Idea

The Amazon sales channel could be a piece of great news for some key reasons.

  1. Shoppers often begin their search on Amazon

Shoppers start their market research nearly 2 times more often on Amazon than Google per a recent study by a renowned source –Bloom Reach. This trend continues to widen and customers will inevitably hunt for your product on Amazon, whether you opt to sell on there or not. Nearly eight in ten consumers check Amazon whether they find a product they require on another retailer’s site.

People who have worked in Amazon know that the first-hand dozens of case studies through the consultancy tend to grow within the Amazon channel. Hence, results in growth of the other sales channels. We all have been there at some point of time before buying an item; we pull out our smartphones to go through all the reviews on Amazon for a reasonable idea.

  • Amazon could be a great additional sales channel

While conventional wisdom is that you simply should diversify your sales channels and reduce reliance on Amazon generating sales and all of your revenue, Amazon could be a great sales channel to utilize additionally to your site.

Often the concern is that Amazon will cannibalize all of your sales but the reality is that you simply can still maintain a healthy direct-to-consumer website additionally to Amazon. If done correctly, Amazon can become an excellent complement to your business very quickly and maximise the sales on Amazon.

  • Amazon can help shoppers discover your brand

Amazon can help build a funnel of potential customers, which will eventually shop on your site. Most of the already established brands have launched themselves (as in their products) on Amazon and eventually get customers to buy identical or the additional items on their core website because of their product branding.

For example, x company’s bottle has healthy reviews on Amazon but has almost nine times more reviews on their site. The positive reviews on Amazon gives the x company more credibility for purchasers thinking of shopping from their core website, and helps the Amazon customers discover x’s products. Additionally, there are several products and value-added services offered on the website, which will convert customers from purchasing on Amazon.

  • Amazon is an open marketplace

If you do not create, a list for your brand on Amazon than that opens the door for an additional third-party seller to form it for you.

You can trust a brand that helps you manage your sales and all the services that keeps its relations with the same. Listing, cataloguing, storage, taxation and many more are big issues when it comes to services that are forwarded to the sellers by E-commerce service providers like Ketsaal. Our team helps the sellers build their own niche on Amazon and other online selling platforms by their long-term experience.

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