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Profits Generating Product Listing on Amazon 2019

Everyone needs one golden product to sell on amazon which can make anyone rich. But in the world of more than 7 billion people, billions of products and demands it nearly impossible to that. But some sellers are putting their blood, sweat, and tears in researching the markets and bringing out the best to the best product listing for their consumers instead of just guessing and launching anything. Now the concern is what to sell on amazon in 2019? Which can minimize your efforts and make you successful at the same time?

So here we are presenting you with some ideas and vision which you can apply in your business and can increase sales on amazon with dedicated amazon seller support.

Step 1: Figure out whether you want to sell through retail or wholesale?

Both have their own benefits but you need to figure out whether you want to sell products from the wholesale market who has labels and tags of other companies. Or the other option too, sell your own retail products and put the stamp of own individuality on your product listing.

want to sell with product listings

What is the benefit of this? Well if you are selling other brand products in your product listing, it’s a bit obvious you are branding and promoting other’s company and chances are in future if other sellers give better deals on the same products you can lose your customers. But with your own product listing, you have a chance of building the trust of your consumers and they would keep coming back to you for the quality and prices you are providing to them.

Step 2- Now narrow down your products

If you are starting new, then we would suggest you narrow your products down and make them in limitation, so that you can put your entire focus on a bunch of products. Selling multiple products at a time can distribute your efforts resulting in chaos.

You can narrow your products to increase sales on amazon according to seasons, heavy or light items, fragile or non-fragile, high in competition, unique or usual, etc.

narrow down your products

Narrowing your products is important because your profits margin is highly dependant on these. For example, if you are selling heavy products, the cost of transportation would increase, seasonal products can change from time to time. If you are selling woolen clothes in winters they would of no use in summer and people won’t buy them. So you need to take care of this point too, to increase Amazon sales.


Keep a log in your mind and track each and every step while researching and developing. Follow these two steps before deciding to sell anything on amazon and if you get stuck somewhere don’t forget to contact us, we are proving all amazon seller support services under one roof to generate the desired profit.

We at KETSAAL provide the assurance of providing guaranteed sales on amazon along with your product listing, so we would be glad to serve you with anything.

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