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Grow your Business with Ketsaal

Ketsaal Team – What was the initial issue that brought you here at Ketsaal?

Client – Well, opening an online business is easy but maintaining it, growing it, & building it surely isn’t. With every new day, a new additional responsibility comes up and taking care of it, takes ages. I launched an online store on Amazon and Flipkart but selling all of my products taking the time. Apart from that, I am facing issues like putting a correct description, taking perfect photographs, inventory management, accounting, market place promotion and a number of other tasks, which are just too much for my team to handle.

Ketsaal Team– So why did you choose to visit only us?

Client – Because no one in the industry is offering such streamlined support to online sellers where one can get all the services under one roof. And also I have heard about your Guaranteed sales service and I got really curious to know more about it.

Could you please guide me further?

Ketsaal Team – Yes absolutely, we came up with an idea of providing all the required services to an online seller. Whether it be of launching your online store, taking care of inventory, financial accounting, and top of that WE GIVE YOU THE PROMISE OF GUARANTEED SALES. Meaning we’ll provide you the service where all your products will sell-off within a mentioned time frame.

Client – OHH that’s so great. But what if, you won’t be able to sell all of my products at your mentioned time?

Ketsaal Team– Well, we have an experienced and dedicated team of marketers, creators, and developers who start working on your account the moment you join with us and provide you the life-changing service. But still in any fallen star if we won’t be able to sell your products, we will give you a 100% money-back guarantee, if we won’t achieve the targets.

Client– OHH that’s brilliant, this is something which is out of my expectations. But just one last query why should I trust you that you will give my money back you won’t achieve the targets?

Ketsaal Team – We certainly can understand your suspicion. And to give a clear solution to our valuable clients we also present the Guaranteed Sales Agreement. In this agreement, we first study our client’s account and then present them the time frame of guaranteed sales (usually within 3 months). Under this agreement, we are legally bound with the client to give their money back if we won’t achieve the targets, leaving our clients tension-free and relaxed.

Client This is so unbelievable, I can’t wait to work with you. Tell me how soon I can buy your services?

Ketsaal Team – You are always welcome, and we are already giving our services to thousands of online sellers. So you can buy our service any time you want.

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