Home Appliances – Most Promising Franchise Business Sector

The goods market has expanded in a very most important way. Even within the gloomiest period, the expansion of this industry did not slip into negative terrain. Due to the little ticket nature of those goods, consumers did not reduce on purchasing these during economic stress. The entry of the latest global players and the growth of a replacement class of shoppers within the post-liberation era has boosted the expansion of the home appliances franchise sector.

India caters to almost a billion people having houses equipped with a kitchen. Every household encompasses a kitchen with one or more home appliances based upon the quality of living. It is an industry attracting all the foremost home kitchen appliances within the world. In such a rustic having a large customer base, there has been a continuing rise within the sales of home appliances.

The major household appliances are listed as below:

Drying cabinet, freezers, refrigerators, kitchen stoves, water heaters, washing machines, air conditioners, chimneys, mixers and grinders, steam iron, electric fans, clothes dryer, microwave ovens, and induction cooktops.

Kitchen essential Appliances

The home appliance sector in India is characterized by the provision of skilled R&D engineers and manufacturing.

Statistics and facts about the house Appliance Industry

The home appliance may be a multi-billion dollar industry. Consistent with the latest report, the domestic household appliance and consumer electronics market is anticipated to grow by 10 percent until 2022.

Key Segments

Global analyst reports, “Vacuum cleaners representing the emerging market segment within the kitchen appliances sector globally”. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners are expected to grow rapidly within the upcoming years.

There are many laid down factors that can help in the growth of the house-appliance sector –

Rapid Urbanization: 

In the number of nuclear families and hence the number of increases in nuclear households leads us to higher ownership of these home appliances.

Increasing Women workers:

The participation of the female workers in an organized sector means that there is an increase in the income of families and hence improvements in the affordability pattern.


Who expanded the market by creating new products also supported the industry’s growth.

Marketing Efforts:

Efforts of the people can also help in spreading awareness among the customers.

The business of home appliances is evergreen in a country like India and even abroad. India is known for its strategic market by all the giant brands under the appliance sectors. There is a very bright future for any person if he or she wants to try their hands at this sector of the franchise opportunities that are available in the country in the present frame with profitable fronts. 

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