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Why New sellers are not generating profits from Amazon and Flipkart?

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You, I and everyone are on the run of making money, and not the small amount but we actually want to earn lakhs and crores that too in a month. We all want to become a mini Jeff Bezos of our lives And why won’t we? You, my reader and I have the absolute right of having a luxurious life, and I promise we both will have one someday, but for the well-established life, you need a well-established business and for that everyone has to start from scratch.

Today, I will take an initiative to try and to help you to fulfill all of your desires. So, all my readers who are reading this post, if you are planning to start a business or have almost started please read this post thoroughly, because I will state a few of the problems which new and small scale businesses face on Amazon and Flipkart so that you’ll be fully prepared for it in advance

e-commerce business not easy
  • Entering into an e-commerce business is not easy.

Just imagine trying to win a race from a leopard. Obviously, you won’t win the race instead he will eat you too in his dinner. It’s the same with the e-commerce business. The old and established sellers of amazon and Flipkart are leopards who will never let us win the race of selling products online. So you, my friend are going to face the competition of your life so just buckle up and if in case you want to avoid all this, I have an amazing solution for that too. Want to know that? Keep reading you will get to know.

  • Buyers Fraudery

This is one of the most concerning issue for new sellers who are actually not used to such fraud. Nowadays buyers returning the defected products and broken or used products and sometimes a different product to sellers despite the fact that they got the right products in the first place. Buyers are violating the amazon policies but sellers are the ones who are facing these losses.

  • War of reviews and feedback.

Admit it, whenever you, me or anyone buy from the online seller we usually buy from someone who has the most reviews and authentic feedbacks. Sellers generate the trust of their customers with genuine reviews, and usually, new sellers don’t have any of it resulting in low sales and low profits.

war of reviews and feedback
  • Product listing issues.

There are about 150 categories and more than 200 subcategories on Amazon. Understanding which category is the best suitable match for your product is really difficult to figure out. Writing the accurate and correct information of the product is again an important task to do which is difficult for the new sellers which put a drastic impact on sales resulting in the loss of sellers.

  • Difficulty in understanding the seller account

Although it’s not very complicated to understand the amazon seller account, new sellers and sellers who are not well introduced with the internet face difficulties using it, resulting in poor management, wrong pricing, inaccurate listing and content which put an impact on sales and profits.

internet connection issue
  • Internet connection issue

Admit it, not every seller is residing in the metro city and even metro cities are not having proper internet speed and connections. So, in this case, it becomes really difficult for a seller to manage the online orders and deliver it on the time, resulting in poor ratings and sometimes banishment from amazon itself.

What do we understand from all this?

New sellers should not get onto an amazon marketplace? No, I am not saying like this, it’s just these are the difficulties and hardships which new sellers face in the initial days, but to be honest guys, things really improve with the time, lakhs of the seller are generating an enormous amount of profit from online selling and you too can do it but if you want to speed up the process and don’t want to wait for things to get better automatically, I have an accelerated solution for you too. This company is guaranteeing to give sales according to your needs and wants for further information do visit them

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