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How to Avoid Flipkart Account Suspension for Sellers?

A seller’s presentation is reviewed on a regular basis by online marketplaces to confirm enhanced customer expectations and experience. Your Flipkart account suspension, or worse, getting blacklisted can be the worst nightmare.

key points for prevention to avoid Flipkart Account Suspension :

  • Untruthful products should not be used.
  • Repeated violation of seller performance policy shall be avoidable
  • Duplicate or prohibited content should not be used.
  • Try to solve buyers’ problems with utmost priority by proficiency.
  • Negative or positive customer feedback should be manageable.
improve performance

How to Improve Performance – All sellers should be working towards grabbing a level of customer service that meets the following performance targets:

  • Seller Cancellations Rate <0.5%
  • RTD Breach Rate <0.75%
  • Reattempts Rate < 3.0%

How can I start selling again?

On the off chance that your selling benefits have been expelled, you have to check the warning you got from the commercial center to decide if your selling benefits were evacuated because of terrible showing, or for at least one infringement of selling strategies and understandings.

On account of Amazon, you have to make an Action plan that outlines the means you will take to address the issues you recognized and send it to Amazon. In the wake of getting, Amazon will tell you of their choices more often than not inside 2-3 days. Every one of the interests is investigated cautiously; be that as it may, accommodation of intrigue to Amazon doesn’t ensure.

Now and again, such as submitting extortion against different merchants, the commercial center can boycott the vendor for all time.

E-Commerce Challenges

eCommerce challenges

Sellers in E-Commerce come crosswise over different challenges while selling items on famous marketplaces in India. From Registering to Managing the selling of items, the whole process is quite complex as every one of the marketplaces has its own different process streams.

Be that as it may, the challenges seller would face are practically comparative. Data realistic captures the approaches to overcome the problems like Flipkart account suspension you would face while selling your items.

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