Benefits of selling on Amazon instead of opening a self-store

The entire range of online retailers in the present frame dreams of growing a successful business, one where product consistently streams out, rises in the income, and profits rise too. However, Forbes reports that sadly 80% of companies fail. Moreover, we at Ketsaal will help you know about them all.

 1. Amazon has the Numbers

This is not intended to be a meaningful question in the least, but if you polled 100 people within the street, would they be likelier to possess heard of your store or Amazon? Amazon and other giant in the online marketplaces like Flipkart and more have a cachet to their brand names due which we can know big they are since they have been around.

In addition, because you have not publicly earned your stripes the way big-name online marketplaces have, customers are less likely to trust you. This in no way means you are a nasty online retailer, only that you would have lots more work on your hands establishing that trust together with your site than if you went with an existing marketplace.

 2. Infrastructure that is hard to compete with

As a disclaimer, we are not telling you to abandon your site completely. After all, if everyone with a genius idea did that, we would never have the likes of Facebook, Amazon or Google. Nevertheless, detain mind that you are going head-to-head with big players, the likes of whom have invested billions of dollars in infrastructure and technology to make a tremendous buying experience irrespective of platform.

Money can do lots within the online world. Having a fat wallet might not automatically guarantee a spot within the top three, but it should purchase the items, ideas and other people that make it possible. Moreover, Amazon has continually used its money to make out an ecosystem that might be almost impossible for a replacement seller to copy in any way—its scale allows for super-competitive pricing and its structure and business model ensures innumerable active third party sellers choose it as their primary online sales channel.

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 3. Fees or Large Overheads?

We have heard all the time about the fees that Amazon charges from the sellers, and the way they will get at profits that the sellers want, but looking solely at the fees may be a huge mistake. Remarkably, the net sellers who value more highly to build their online store as their primary sales channel to avoid continuing fees, simply ignore or underestimate the massive overhead in time and money of both buildings an e-commerce store. Also, of driving traffic thereto (on an on-going business)—not to say the chance involved in pouring an oversized sum of cash into a venture that has no guaranteed success. Amazon’s route allows you to begin selling online with little risk.

4. Customers Value simple Shopping

One of the simplest things about ordering food at McDonald’s is you recognize that regardless of which restaurant you move to within the world, it’s always visiting be the identical, easy experience: line up, tell the cashier which numbered meal you’d like, so wait to be asked if you wish to upsize it.

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