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What is Amazon buy box and how to win yours?

Have you ever noticed that one tiny miny box on the right side of the screen of the Amazon account? Where it is written small “buy now” box see the below image.

Well, this is what we call Amazon buy box. Buy box is a little box on the right which helps customers to directly redirect them to a payment page. This makes the shopping experience real quick and swift.

But not every seller has the option of buy box especially the new sellers. In order to have a buy box, you need to follow certain guidelines.

And what are those golden guidelines?

Well, no one has actual or particular rules or steps to follow and neither amazon tells you who would get the buy box or who wouldn’t. It’s just experienced sellers share their experience on the internet and from there we all can have an idea.

We at Ketsaal after having an experience of more than a decade on Amazon seller support has curated a few points that how you can get your buy box.

  1. Genuine pricing
  2. Quick response
  3. Fast shipping
  4. Enough Inventory
  5. FBA

Genuine pricing

What do you think selling your products on the lower prices would help you win amazon buy box? It’s not a case with Amazon. True that pricing plays a crucial roll in winning a buy box but that not the only factor.

If you are selling your product at competitive prices and also providing quality to your customers and your customers are really appreciating it then they would obviously either show their appreciation through reviews or feedbacks. These tiny things put a huge impact on Amazon seller support and help you win your amazon buy box.

genuine pricing

Quick Response

Amazon is world-famous for its customer satisfaction. This is the company which goes by a code of satisfying their customers at any level. And in order to do that amazon expects its seller to provide a quick response to any of the consumer’s queries, doubt or issue. And also try to resolve them as quickly as they can.

quick response

Fast shipping

Who doesn’t want their products to be delivered to them as soon as it can? Amazon also takes this point into consideration whether your products are delivering on time or not especially if you’re delivering through the easy ship. If you need more in detail pieces of information you can anytime contact us for Amazon seller support.

We provide all amazon seller support services under one roof with the promise of guaranteed sales.

fast shipping

Enough Inventory

Maintaining and taking care of the inventory is another important point to take care of. Consistently running out of inventory is not a good sign of a seller and amazon doesn’t prefer those sellers who keep running out on inventory and not providing demanding products on the time.

enough inventory

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA is service provided by Amazon where Amazon takes care of services like inventory management, shipping, returns, etc and take little fees for that. If you ask me one-factor which put the major impact on getting the buy box I would suggest you take FBA service. There are really good chances that you will get your amazon buy box if you have opted for the FBA service.

amazon fba

And if you can’t wait for all this and want your buy box within days with the guarantee you can contact us for your concern.

We have happily helped numbers of clients in getting their Amazon buy box with a little span of time. We would be glad to serve you this time.

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