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Account Health Management

Selling on an online platform means getting in front of billions of eyes – the eyes of your customers. We ourselves human-designed in a way, where we tend to buy from those who please our eyes. And in the account health management taking care of performance in terms of ratings, negative or positive feedback, a number of breached orders, all these factors affect the performance matrix or your account’s health.

Importance Of Account Health Management

To maintain account health or performance matrix is very important, as it affects your ratings and who doesn’t want higher ratings. Especially when you are in an online business. Good performance matrix helps you to score higher ratings and allows you to participate in different events, deals offered by these online portals, like Amazon Great Indian Sale, Flipkart Sale which will help you in generating extra conversions and more profits. On the other hand, poor performance matrix brings down your ratings which makes you lose customers and it also generates the risk of your account suspension, so maintaining the account health is very important for serving online.



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