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Market Place Promotions

Efforts performed by the company in which miscellaneous methods and techniques are involved to connect with customer on various digital,

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product development services


The interpreted patterns calculated by computer intelligence which shows us organised data collection and statistics often used to formulate strategies

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Guaranteed Sale

We provide the guaranteed sales from day one to establish and maintain the regular sales which one can find it hard to set their feet on online platforms while

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Listings and Cataloging

We deliver with the most attractive catalog, giving look and feel for the same, we also do the listing of products on Amazon,flipkart in accurate category.

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Guaranteed Sale

Account Health Management

Management of account and performance which includes the righteous buyer-seller relations, eliminating the negative

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Brand Building & Protections

Bigger the brand, Bigger the chances of risks involved. Ketsaal helps you not only by building the brand but also by protecting it from anyone violating

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Launching New Account

Any individual or an organisation require a special account to become online seller, with rapid increase in competition we help in a way to launch that account with guaranteed sales from day one

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Selling products and services online have a unique set of accounting. Ketsaal helps you to understand the payment cycle with all payment related policies for Amazon,Flipkart and Snapdeal.

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Account Reinstatement

We provide with the solution for any seller account that are managed, to reactivate or to delete any account which is suspended or blocked by the platform. We also help in reinstatement of the

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product development

Product Development

Product development brings out the opportunity to diversify and to expand an organisation. Even though the product is doing well, it should be rendered to as to gain interest of people on any platform.

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Product Market Research

A well known concept which is basically done to have a better knowledge about the desired product for customers. Ketsaal will help you in building strategy

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Guaranteed Sales Agreement

Ketsaal ensures guranteed sales on money invested by any individual or group of individuals on agreed rate. It is our responsibility to provide investors with assured returns as

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flipkart seller support


My sales are increasing, I am being on the top of the searches what else I can ask for. This is just like a dream come true for me. I still can't believe that I have generated so much of profit in the last 3 months that I was not able to generate in the past 1 year. They have such a knowledgeable and friendly staff, all are so dedicated towards theirs. Long way to go ketsaal.

flipkart seller support

Ratan Singh

Ketsaal has changed my life. I am a working man, and also started a small online selling business, but it was really hectic to take care of two jobs at one time resulting in I was facing loss on my online business. But when I came to know about Ketsaal and their service of Guaranteed sales, I got so curious that I didnt waste a minute and contacted them at the first minute. I don't regret my decision, they even signed a guaranteed sales agreement where it was mentioned if they won't give me sales then I can take my 100 % money back from them. Can you believe this?

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Brand Building


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flipkart seller support

Why small and new sellers are not generating profits from Amazon and Flipkart?

sept 04, 2019

Amazon Seller Support | Flipkart Seller Support | IT Solutions You, I and everyone are on the run of making money, and not the small amount but we actually want to earn lakhs and crores that too in a month.

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